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The Atlanta Center for Experiential Judaism was started in early 2000 by Jacob Kabb and Joel Rachelson and grew out of their personal search for Jewish spiritual meaning. The goal of the Center is to provide an opportunity for non-traditional, experiential spiritual practices in a Jewish context.

In July 2001, Aleph Alliance for Jewish Renewal sponsored Kallah 2001, a biennial weeklong international gathering bringing together Jewish Renewal artists, leaders, performers, teachers, and seekers.

A shared interest and enthusiasm for starting a Jewish Renewal community in Atlanta brought together several Atlanta Kallah attendees. Upon their return to Atlanta, a steering committee was formed to expand the Atlanta Center for Experiential Judaism and develop events and education based on Jewish Renewal.

Thus, this small, but vital Jewish Renewal community was born.

The Atlanta Center for Experiential Judaism is committed to creating a community, open to all, focusing on experiencing a deeper connection to Jewish spirituality and mysticism.

It is a growing, evolving community dedicated to returning Jewish seekers to their Jewish spiritual roots in a safe, creative, and highly experiential environment, promoting "hands-on" Judaism.

Connecting with G!d in a personal and deeply meaningful way and sharing the joy of being Jewish with like-minded people is what the Center is all about.

All are welcome and encouraged to participate. Embark with us on a journey into your Jewish soul and hold on for the spiritual ride of your life.